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A note from the HOA Board

Welcome to The Greens at Kissing Camels Estates

The Greens is a small luxury “sub-association” within the gated community of Kissing Camels Estates in northwest Colorado Springs.  There are 37 lots in The Greens.  As of the summer of 2023, those lots include 34 homes, and three undeveloped lots.  Each lot or homeowner has equal voting and ownership rights in the Greens common property.

Homes in the Greens are all located on either Hill Circle or Reserve Point and surround part of the Kissing Camels Golf Club at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.  The homes and lots have exceptional views of the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and the city of Colorado Springs.

Although most residents are now full time, the Greens originally was developed as a vacation community. Its developers described the environment as “living in a park” where the property owners’ association owns almost all land that is not actually under the homes’ footprints.  Individual owners may, with permission, develop some landscaping but the owners’ association provides all necessary lawn care and external building maintenance.

A board selected by the property owners in The Greens makes all administrative decisions.  This board and the committees who assist it are made up entirely of Greens property owners and none receive any payment or reimbursement for their service.  Currently the board members are:  Bob Lohse, Tim McMahon, Mike Parkinson, Rex Peteet and Randy Reynolds.  All are residents in The Greens.

The Greens provides greater services than most Homeowners Associations.  The grounds and landscaping in The Greens are extensive and most exterior home maintenance and landscape maintenance is provided by the Association.  In exchange for dues in The Greens, the Association provides:

Lawn mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing and aerating

Irrigation and maintenance of the irrigation system

Seasonal plant removal and hedge trimming

Plant or turf replacement and replenishment as selected by the Landscape Committee

Periodic mulching and mulch maintenance

Semiannual roof inspection and maintenance

Periodic inspection and repair of home exteriors to include stone siding, stucco, wood facia and supports

Snow removal from driveways and sidewalks

Insurance of all homes excluding contents and deductibles for wind and hail damage (please see FAQs for recommendations on wind and hail loss assessment coverage)

Maintenance and light replacement for outside garage lights

Periodic cleaning of gutters and downspouts

Painting of homes’ exteriors

Emergency and other repairs approved by the Board and Architectural Control Committee

If you have any questions or if you need a copy of The Greens budget please contact our property manager, Kelsey Knudsen at Diversified Association Management, 4325 North Nevada Avenue, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO  80907 or by phone at 719-314-4527.

Please see the FAQs for a description of the limitations on maintenance by the Association and recommendations for loss assessment insurance coverage.


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